Leaders Summit

The 1st G-NETS Leaders Summit

 The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is proud to have hosted the Global City Network for Sustainability (G-NETS) Leaders Summit. Leaders including governors, mayors and other high-level officials from 34cities on five continents got together to discuss initiatives to address urban issues and future prospects. The event confirmed the importance of collaboration among the world's cities, as seen in the G-NETS Leader Summit Communiqué.

 Realizing a just and sustainable society with an eye to a post-COVID world

 February 27 – March 1, 2023 (Japan Standard Time)

 Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku (Hybrid event hosted at the venue and online)

▶Participating cities(34 cities):

  • ■At the venue
     Abu Dhabi, Amman, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Brisbane, Brussels, Helsinki, Jakarta, Los Angeles, Malmö, Miami, Nairobi, NewYork, Nice, Paris, Queensland, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, San Salvador, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar 
  • ■Online
     Delhi, Lancaster, London, Nouakchott, Rome, Tirana
  • ■Video messages
     Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, Milan, New York


Keynote Speakers

Mr. Michael Bloomberg_image

Mr. Michael Bloomberg
(Video message)

Former Mayor of New York City, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action

Mr. IZUMO Mitsuru_image

Mr. IZUMO Mitsuru
Founder and President of Euglena Co., Ltd.

Session Moderators


Ms. ISHII Naoko_image

Ms. ISHII Naoko
Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo, Professor at Institute of Future Initiative, Director, Center for Global Commons

Inclusive and Just Societies

Ms. Mari Christine_image

Ms. Mari Christine
Tokyo Metropolitan
Foundation “TSUNAGARI” Chairperson

Safe and Secure cities,

Mr. KORESAWA Atsushi _image

Mr. KORESAWA Atsushi
Former Director, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)


 February 28
 *Site visit was held on February 27.


Opening ceremony

Keynote lecture
Mr. Michael Bloomberg,
Former Mayor of New York City (Video message)
Mr. IZUMO Mitsuru,
Founder and President of Euglena Co., Ltd.
Video message from cities
Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, New York

Session "Environment"
* Ms. KOIKE Yuriko, Governor of Tokyo, attended
Moderator: Ms. ISHII Naoko
Session 1 Participating cities:
 ▶Tokyo, Abu Dhabi, Malmö, New York, Paris
Session 2 Participating cities:
 ▶Amman, Brisbane, Delhi, Lancaster, Milan, San Salvador, Ulaanbaatar


Session "Inclusive and Just Societies"
Moderator: Ms. Mari Christine
Session 3 Participating cities:
 ▶Tokyo, Amsterdam, Brussels, São Paulo, Singapore
Session 4 Participating cities:
 ▶Los Angeles, Miami, Seoul, Tel Aviv


Session "Safe and Secure Cities"
Moderator: Mr. KORESAWA Atsushi 
Session 5 Participating cities:
 ▶Tokyo, Helsinki, Jakarta, Rome, Tirana

Session "Environment"
Moderator: Mr. KORESAWA Atsushi 
Session 6 Participating cities:
 ▶Rio de Janeiro, Bangkok,
  London, Taipei, Nairobi, Nice, Nouakchott

 March 1


Plenary Session



Announcement of communiqué

 G-NETS Leaders Summit Communiqué

▶Summary of G-NETS Leaders Summit Communiqué

● The world is currently facing the climate crisis, the threat of infectious diseases, and other serious risks. With the addition of issues such as intensifying conflict between states and energy prices soaring as a result, the world’s problems are becoming increasingly complex.
● In order to address these challenges and realize just and sustainable societies into the future, cities, which are closely concerned with the livelihood of their citizens and are at the front lines of response, must go beyond differences that exist between states and work together by rallying their knowledge and experience. Now is the time to take concrete actions.
● Mindful of the importance of achieving economic growth that leaves no one behind and assisting those affected by disasters and conflicts surpassing national borders, through ongoing exchange through G-NETS, a network of cities, by cities, for cities, we will fulfill our important role of making societies sustainable. We will aspire for a world that is peaceful and stable, and share our knowledge on common challenges raised in this communiqué that must be addressed by cities, and build our relations. We will also utilize the knowledge of startups and other various players.

【Realizing Inclusive and Just Societies】
● We have included the promotion of initiatives to realize intercultural cohesion, a healthy, long-life society, and gender equality, as well as the promotion of barrier-free accessibility and sports and culture.

【Response to Environmental Issues】
● We highlighted the importance of achieving zero emissions; taking measures to reduce waste, prevent air and river pollution, and greening cities; and advancing efforts for water resource protection and management.

【Building Safe and Secure Cities】
● We included the building of more resilient cities through adaptation and other measures to mitigate natural disasters which are intensifying due to the climate crisis; ensuring energy and food security; and strengthening measures for pandemic response.
● In light of the many people who died or were injured in the devastating earthquake that directly struck southeast Turkey, we added a new part in the communiqué that we cities will strive to quickly provide the support needed.

● To improve the lives of our citizens, we hope that cities will work together and also contribute to resolving global challenges to realize sustainable societies.