Senior Officials Meeting

Summary of the 1st Senior Officials Meeting


From November 28 through 29, the G-NETS (Global City Network for Sustainability) senior officials meeting was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and the Hilton Tokyo with the participation of 31 cities (including online participation) from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania. At the meeting senior officials strengthened their relationships and shared knowledge through sessions held on the topics “Inclusive and Just”, “Safe and Secure Cities” and “Environment”, and they drew up the communiqué to be announced at the G-NETS Mayors Summit to be held next February.

1. Date

 November 28 and 29, 2022

2. Venue

 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Hilton Tokyo

3. Program

 Monday, November 28, 2022
Time Content
9:00 Visiting TMG’s Observatory
9:50 Opening ceremony and Introduction
11:00 Courtesy Call on the Governor of Tokyo
11:45 Welcome Luncheon
13:20 Sessions
– Inclusive and Just
– Safe and Secure Cities
– Environment Ⅰ
19:30 Welcome reception

 Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Time Content
9:00-9:40 Session
– Environment Ⅱ
10:10 Plenary Meeting
11:10 Free Session
11:45 Farewell luncheon
13:10 Tokyo inspection
- Attractive tourist facilities in Tokyo (Zojo-ji Temple)
- Advanced facilities (Japanese traditional house boat using biofuels, The former Olympic Village and Underground Regulating Reservoir)
18:30 End

4. Participating cities

 31 cities

 Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Amman, Auckland*, Bangkok, Beijing*, Brisbane, Cairo*, Delhi*, Durban, Helsinki, Hong Kong*, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Lancaster*, Los Angeles, Milan*, Nairobi, New York*, Nouakchott, Paris, Queensland, Rio de Janeiro, Rome*, Rotterdam*, São Paulo*, Seoul*, Taipei, Tirana, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar

 ●The cities with * participated online.

 ●This list includes cities that could not be confirmed on the meeting online but have announced their participation beforehand.

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