Working-level Staff Online Meeting

Summary of the 1st Working-level Staff Online Meeting

1. Date and Number of Sessions

 September 7 - 9, 2022 (Japan Standard Time)

 4 sessions

2. Topics and schedule

 September 7: Inclusive and Just

 September 8: Environment (2 sessions)

 September 9: Safe and Secure Cities

3. Participating cities

 participation:30 cities

 Presenter:14 cities
 (Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Durban, Helsinki, Jakarta, Milan, Nouakchott, Paris, Queensland, Rome, Taipei, Tirana, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar)

 Viewer:16 cities
 (Auckland, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Brisbane, Brussels, Bucharest, Delhi, Hong Kong, Montreal, New York, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Tel Aviv–Yafo)

 * This list includes cities that could not be confirmed on the meeting but have announced their participation beforehand.

4. Presentation topics

Date Topic City Presentation title
September 7
5 p.m.- (JST)~
Inclusive and Just Tokyo (Bureau of Citizens, Culture and Sports) About Creative Well-Being Tokyo
Durban The role of citizen science in ecological infrastructure
Tokyo (Bureau of Urban Development) Developing Barrier-Free Railway Stations
Ulaanbaatar Digital Transition of Public Services
September 8
5 p.m.- (JST)~
Environment Taipei Towards a Net Zero Taipei
Tokyo (Bureau of Waterworks) Water supply systems that support the lives of Tokyo's residents and urban activities
Amsterdam Amsterdam Circular Strategy 2020 - 2025
Helsinki Carbon Neutral Helsinki by 2030
Queensland Queensland Climate Action
Rome Rome Strategy and Projects for a livable, just, healthy and sustainable city
September 8
9 p.m.- (JST)~
Environment Tokyo (Bureau of Environment)

Mandatory Installation of Solar Power Generation

Equipment in Homes and Other Buildings

Durban City's Power Transformation Plan
Milan Milan's environmental transition: towards a greener and more inclusive city
Nouakchott Urban growth and environmental challenges of the city of Nouakchott
Tirana Urban transition that is taking place in Tirana
Paris Paris 100% cycle-friendly Bike plan 2021-2026
September 9
5 p.m.- (JST)~
Safe and Secure Cities Tokyo (Bureau of Construction) Flood Control in Tokyo
Durban Lessons Learned Exercise Report for Emergency Preparedness & Response
Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi COVID-19 Response
Jakarta Jakarta Flood Control System
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